About Our Company

Since its inception in 1993, IH Consultants (IHC) has served the commercial, residential and institutional infrastructure in the New York metropolitan area. Over the last 17 years, IHC has provided sound technical consultation, cost effective and scientifically proven solutions to a wide variety of clients for complex issues pertaining to indoor air quality, health & safety as well as the financial interests of the client. Industrial sectors served are commercial, residential, healthcare, food & beverage, academic, legal, hospitality, architecture and engineering.

With over 100 years of collective, multidisciplinary experience (in-house and experts in related fields) in the areas of occupational health, environmental science, mechanical engineering, architecture, meteorology, infection control and toxicology, IHC is well equipped to understand and resolve the challenges posed by the built environment at any stage of design, construction, post-construction maintenance and operations.

For the past few years we have focused our energies and efforts on characterization, management and eradication of two of the most challenging environmental issues that adversely impact the work and leisure environments: odors and infectious bioaerosols (bacteria, fungi/molds & viruses).

To learn about our post 9/11 studies, contact us at info@industrial-hygiene.com.

Our Team

Pinnacle Environmental Corp.

Pinnacle Environmental Corporation specializes in providing the right response to every type of environmental challenge or emergency. We're ready to take on any assignment, from the smallest abatement project to major high-rise buildings or industrial sites.

Philders Group International Inc.

At Philders Group International Inc., our focus is about protecting the Health, Safety, and Welfare of our clients. Our consultant services offer excellent resources including risk management information, protocol for Infectious Disease, IAQ and legal implication for corporate due diligence.

The Linders Health Institute™

The Linders Health Institute™ has a goal to fill the gap for training courses for the AEC, IAQ and subcontractor industries as it specifically relates to the healthcare and JCAHO’s Environment of Care mandates.


Viridian Environmental Consultants

Viridian specializes in delivering high-quality, integrated environmental services to clients of all types for land development, building design, brownfield, and infrastructure projects.



RTP Environmental Associates, Inc.

RPT Environmental Associates, Inc. provides environmental consulting services to meet client needs for today and the future. We develop timely and cost effective approaches for permit application preparation, training, modeling analyses, ambient monitoring needs, as well as testing analytical services to satisfy all regulatory requirements.

Our Clients