Risk Assessment
and Management

Industrial Hygiene,
Asbestos, Mold,
Odors and IAQ

We have over 100 years
of collective experience.

About IHC

Since its inception in 1993, IH Consultants has served the commercial, residential and institutional infrastructure in the New York Metropolitan area.

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We offer project specific solutions that rely on photo-oxidation and germicidal properties of ultra violet light for odor management, infection control, indoor air quality and green technology.

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What They're Saying

"I.H. Consultants, Inc. brings a pragmatic hands-on approach to addressing industrial hygiene issues...

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Some of What We Do

Industrial Hygiene

We identify, measure and evaluate safety and health hazards in the working environment covering a wide range of chemical, physical and biological stressors.

Asbestos Services

We help our clients comply with Asbestos regulations and meet the due diligence requirements. (Local, State and OSHA)

Environment of Care/Hospitals

We provide consulting and design services for instillation of Ultra Violet germicidal equipment to deal with airborne infections and organisms. We offer Infection Control Rick Assessment (ICRA) support during construction and renovation in hospitals.

Indoor Air Quality

We can do Indoor Air Quality investigations for large residential and commercial buildings as well as academic institutions.

Welcome To IHC

"For the past few years we have focused our energies and efforts on characterization, management and eradication of two of the most challenging environmental issues that adversely impact the work and leisure environments: odors and infectious bioaerosols (bacteria, fungi/molds & viruses)."

Uday Singh, President

Our Clients