• Member of Congress
    8th District, New York

Jerrold Nadler

"Mr. Singh's research is an integral part of NYELJP's efforts to safeguard the health of the public following an unprecedented environmental disaster. I wholeheartedly endorse this work of Mr. Singh and Mr. Kupferman, as it has been a critical part of my efforts to ensure downtown environmental quality for my constituents."

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  • Uncle Wally's / United Baking Co., Inc.

Jim Farrell

Bathroom Odors: "Did you know that a simple UV lighting system installed in an active restroom can transform the less-than desirable odors in minutes to a pleasant, clean air environment? Neither did we! Industrial Hygiene Consultants suggested we try it. Wow! We had an instant payback! United Baking Company says, 'Thank you, Uday.'"

  • Douglas Ellimann Property Management, NY

Douglas Ellimann

"I.H. Consultants, Inc. brings a pragmatic hands-on approach to addressing industrial hygiene issues, a subject ever more at the forefront of residential apartment building operations.  When faced with most vexing of problems, I can rely on them to make sense of the cause and provide for a solution acceptable to property management, owner and unit residents alike.  Thank you."

  • CEO, Studio042, NJ

Scott Kennedy

"We love our UV units! We purchased our first unit for our playroom where the teenagers and the dog play, host sleepovers, work on their homework and generally spend most of their time when they are at home. That room gets the most use and therefore the air quality can get pretty raw on occasion.

I had researched Ozone generators and found them to be too hazardous to the occupants. I looked at the HEPA-filtered air movers but found they did little to remove or destroy the living organisms that are the cause of most of our airborn odors.

Your units are perfect for our home environment, which is vacuum-cleaned daily and has a low dust environment.

We noticed a big difference in the indoor air quality within hours of turning the unit on. The room smelled clean and fresh, just like our back yard. Our teenagers even noticed and approved.

Within three months we purchased a second unit for our kitchen to control the normal kitchen smells from cooking.

Both units have been running 24/7/365 for more then a year now and I would highly recommend them for anyone.

You have a great product Uday. Thank you!"

  • Ethelind Coblin Architect, P.C.

Ethelind Coblin

"Uday, First, thanks for the seminar on air purification – we gained a wealth of information. The integral units we purchased for our office have been beneficial in reducing health issues, and as a result, increasing productivity. We need to order another unit for our addition, now under construction. We are now specifying both of the integral units in our residential projects such as the apartment at 10 Gracie Square. We will be incorporating the in-duct units on our newer projects. We are seeing more of our clients looking to this option and are grateful to you for supporting their needs and allowing us to benefit from your knowledge."

  • Howard L. Zimmerman Architects, P.C., New York

Michael Joseffer

"Problem: High rise residential building of approximately 15 years in age in NYC with apartments-to-apartment odor migration problems, the cause being cigar/cigarette smoke and odiferous food odors emanating from individual units.

Economic Solution: By installing Ultra Violet devices in offending apartments, the issue was resolved to the satisfaction of all involved."

  • Engineer, P.C.

Michael P. Chiarelli

"We thank you for your cooperation in performing the pilot study for the initial installation, as well as providing guidance for sizing the units for the new design. We look forward to continued use of the UV odor control system."

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